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mmm, these are gorgeous. . . who took them?
haha, i did! the person in it is ztrin.
I love them, babe, but of course I'm biased (I still think I look awful though).
rubbish, you are teh sex k


May 28 2005, 02:48:01 UTC 11 years ago

the quality's so bad, the pictures look so damn good.
thank you! who is this?
Light-damaged b&w Holga shots are simply gorgeous in that vintage, nostalgic way.

And these are among the best I've seen in this genre; I especially like the first and last ones, the way the light leaks are just nicely in the right places.  Care to share what film, ISO and Holga aperture mode?
thanks, luv - also for standing up for me on sg_ljers.

i use Cloudy mode and Ilford HP5 Plus B&W film, ISO 400. you can find it at Ruby Photos in Peninsular Shopping Centre. :)

which other Lomo cameras have you worked with?
No need to thank me; I merely stand on what I deem is the side of right.

Hmmm... will try those settings the next time I use my Holga, which has been sorely neglected for quite looooooong.

I have an LC-A, but been so busy I haven't had the chance to deploy it properly.  Will bring it along to my next photoshoot, which will probably be to OCH; think synapseman is jio-ing kakis to go soon.



May 30 2005, 02:58:12 UTC 11 years ago

hiiii..your lovely laogong from school here. :):):)


your photography is awesome. i think you might like this place.
these are gorgeous. i've always wanted a holga.
thanks. :) you can get them pretty cheap, i think. where do you live?


June 2 2005, 07:06:13 UTC 11 years ago


it's vicks here.

lester and i are going to use plastic cutlery and kidnap you to the island of MADAGASCAR instead of maple leaf canada. so watch out.

ve vill viss vyou.